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Celebrating National Safety Month at Lowe's

Andy Hammel Ft. Joey Hammel

Photo: Joey Hammel

June is when the National Safety Council - self-described as 'America's leading nonprofit safety advocate' - celebrates National Safety Month. During this month, the organization's focus on preventing accidents in the workplace that lead to unnecessary injury and death is heightened.

In celebration of National Safety Month, Joey Hammel and I discuss the steps his employer, Lowe’s, takes to ensure a safe work environment for their employees despite the requirements of the job to do risky work.

We start by discussing the degree to which Lowe's takes safety seriously, then why, and then what forms that takes. He discusses how safety measures are taken on both Lowe's part and the part of the companies supplying them with goods.

After that, we discuss the heavy machinery and hazardous materials seen in Lowe's. This covers the protocols taken while handling them, the training required before employees are allowed to handle them, and the consequences when employees fail to handle them properly.

Finally, we go further in on the training required to handle working at Lowe's responsibly, including the length of the training in addition to those providing it.

The podcast is posted below. For more information, visit the National Safety Council's National Safety Month page here.

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